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AppleWirelessKeyboard is a small utility program for Windows that talks to the Apple Wireless Keyboard and responds to the Fn and Eject keys. Then it simulates native mac functionality. It adds the beautiful semitransparent overlays adds functions to otherwise dead keys. If you love the Apple Wireless Keyboard as much as I do, give this project a try.

Implemented Features:


  1. Some antivirus programs detect this program as a virus. This is because it is intercepts key presses to provide its functionality. If you are still afraid, you can use one of may decompilers to examine the source code of the program.
  2. Apple Wired Keyboard is supported, but the fn key will not work. Thats because the keyboard doesn't send the event to the computer at all. Fn key doesn't work on Apple USB Keyboard. Its a hardware issue i can't fix.
  3. This program doesn't install on your computer. All you have to do to get rid of it is to delete the file you downloaded.
Steve Cook
Great program! Is there a way to map the "eject" key to perform "delete"? Just curious because I don't have a CD drive to worry about, so that would be a sweet mapping for me. I don't see "eject" in the drop-down list of keys. Thanks!
It's not there, because of the system i'm using right now which is sad because eject is a key i can map. Its certainly coming in the near future.
Lars Wernlund
I've just purchased the new wireless / wired (via USB) Magic Keyboard and it seems to be having the same problems. AppleWirelessKeyboard doesn't seem to work with that though... :-(
I dont own the new magic keyboard so i unfortunately cant fix that:(
Martin P
The program stopped working for me on W10. Used to work fine and now it says launching Application but doesn't open it. Any fix? Tried redownloading
Thats interesting... Yes there are known issues, fixes are coming. Sometime in the summer.
Hey I'm really like this program but I have issues with it crashing randomly and not remembering custom maps I've setup. Any thoughts? (wins 10)
Hey, Yes I've heard similar stories. Right now I'm busy, however big changes are coming when I have more time in the summer.
There's no timestamps on these so I don't know when the previous items were posted. But, has there been any luck getting this to work with the new magic keyboard on windows 10?
Timestamps, good idea. Will add. As for the support im very busy at the moment, but before I start investingating that I plan making the project open source on github.
Is there still an option to swap Fn and Ctrl?
Sadly, no. That feature was removed in an effort to make the UI more customizable. I'd like to note that the project is now available on GitHub so for any coders out there send a pull request :-)