About Me

My name is Bc. Jan Dryk. I was born in Prague, and that is also where I currently live. I'm a native Czech speaker and I also speak fluently English and understand a little German.


I've been developing .NET solutions since .NET version 2.0 and it is still my favorite platform. Since then I've learned many languages and platforms including Java, C++, JavaScript / TypeScript / jQuery, LaTeX, PHP and many more but F# and C# still remain by far my favorites.


I am a proud student of the Czech Technological University in Prague with specialization in software engineering and artificial intelligence. I also have a bachelor's degree in software engineering from the same faculty.


Asp.NET is the go to web development framework for .NET developers. It offers powerful features for creating fast and robust bussiness ready applications. And with .NET Core also works on Linux machines.


There is only one way to write mobile applications for all platforms, and that is with Xamarin. I worked on multiple applications that are now in Apple and Google stores.


Umbraco is the most flexible and bussiness quality content management system out there. There are many reasons why this is my preferred way to create manageable websites.

OpenXml Document Format

My experience in OpenXml includes creating complex documents from scratch, doing tricky editing and corrections, converting documents to html and plaintext for searching and more.


I'm developing applications using C# with .NET Framework for a number of platforms including Windows Store, Windows Desktop and Windows Phone. Applications use Xaml to render UI which features vector graphics to deliver stunning user experience that works and looks well on all screens. My applications are modern and ready for the future. I develop custom applications for reasonable price and you pay only when you're satisfied of course.


Internet applications and presentations I develop are precisely fitted for the customer. The web development of course includes design and custom content management system if necessary. Each case is carefully studied first for optimization aimed at strengths important for the client. I prefer to develop web applications in Asp.NET but I'm also capable of creating websites in PHP As with all my products I offer my clients free long term support for their full contentment.

So if you're looking for someone do design you a website, web application or Windows application, please contact me, and I'll make sure that you won't regret it.


Jan Dryk

Email: [email protected]