Hi, I'm Jan.

I'm from the Czech Republic, from the beautiful city of Prague. In addition to being a native Czech speaker, I'm also fluent in English.


Development has always been my passion. I've been on a quest to find the ultimate programming experience with the best language and best tooling. This quest leads me on a journey of learning. I know how to develop in most of the major programming stacks but to pick a few I enjoy .NET, F# and React the most.


I am proud to hold a master's degree from the Czech Technological University in Prague with specialization in software engineering and artificial intelligence.



I build web applications. The following is my favorite stack, but it always depends on the scenario.

ASP.NET Core, Giraffe, React, Elmish, Ant Design, F#.


I also build microservices. This is the best way for real-time integrations.

Serverless Framework, AWS Lambda.


For mobile applications I find myself the most efficient when developing both Android and iOS on the same codebase. The following technologies allow me to do that.

Xamarin Forms


User's expect a polished experience when moving from the web to the desktop. There's a lot of different choices so it always depends.

Either UWP, Xamarin Forms or Avalonia

Help for Hire

I'm open to doing smaller projects. If you'd like to hire my services, my fee is $30 per hour.

For any inquiries feel free to reach out through email.


Jan Dryk

Email: [email protected]
IČO: 04241398