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TOPO, s.r.o.

This is a concept for a heating company. They provide installation services of water, heating or solar systems. Like most companies they realized that the web plays a very important role in attracting more customers. As a family company on a tight budget the website needed to be modern to reflect the modern trends on the web but also very inexpensive at the same time.

The design is stylesheet only, with HTML providing only the basic structure for extra easy editing. Since the website has no content management system it was necessary to simplify editing with a custom build master page system using PHP. I achieved the ideal master page approximation using ob_ buffers basicly taking one of the best ASP.NET features to PHP. In my experience this system the amount of work to edit or add a new content is greatly reduced.

Atletika Vinohrady

Atletika Vinohrady

Athletics are a modern sport. People who either wan't to do something for their body or just like to compete train hard to be happy. This wonderful athletic club provides great conditions to do sport. They deserve a great website to attract potential athletes to the biggest athletic premise in the center of Prague. Be sure to visit friends at Atletika Vinohrady!

This solution is a low cost web hosting project based on PHP. The site depends on javascript heavily, especially jQuery and jQuery UI frameworks. It is optimized mainly for low bandwidth and speedy browsing. Therefore all of the essential content gets loaded on the first load, and everything else gets fetched through ajax. Switching between tabs is instant, as most of the management functions. A custom content management system is incorporated within the site to provide the best user experience possible by integrating tightly. Atletikas moderators can invite their users to their private forum and create or edit content with minimal amount skills required.