Web Development

Whether you need simple pages, striking galleries, a professional blog or a complex corporate portal I can make sure you get what you need. I offer end to end solutions including layout, design and branding. I can even help you with filling the content of your website to attract customers. You can edit your website yourself empowered by the beautiful Umbraco CMS. I work closely with my customers to make sure the final solution exactly what they wanted!

Application Development

I develop applications ranging from small utilities to make your daily tasks easier to complex systems for multinational corporations. My focus is mainly on Microsoft Windows but I can also make applications that run on other platforms if need be. A good application can save you time and money. They are easy to learn, easy use and modern. My motto: nothing is impossible but some things take time.

Apple Wireless Keyboard

Do you love Apple Wireless Keyboard but also love Microsoft Windows? Ever wanted to use them together? Now you can without losing your media functionality. This Windows application brings your Fn key and media keys back to life with Mac-like status overlays. It lets you choose if you want to access media keys with Fn or instead of Function keys, by just pressing the eject key.

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uxsoft.Battery was build out of my frustration with the built in Windows 8 power management UI. The default icon allows you to only choose between one power plan and balanced power plan which I personaly don't use. Also it is not touch friendly at all. uxsoft.Battery aims to fix that. It shows all the power plans available and switching is easy with big, touch-friendly controls.

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