Password Expiration Notifier



Basicly the program does exactly what is in its name. It's a small utility that sits in the system tray and monitors your last password set date on the startup. You can access it as a small key icon that changes according to days left. The default password expiration period is 30 days - it notifies you how many days you have left to a day 30 days after you last set your password. You can however adjust the period however you want in the settings.


Where I work users are forced to change their passwords every month. Since I'm a remote worker and Windows sometimes (always) fail to notify me when my password is about to expire it had happened to me quite often that I forgot to change my password in time and had to rush to HelpDesk to get my account fixed so I could continue working. Annoying indeed. So, I wrote myself this little utility to help me monitor my password expiration date. It could prove useful to just about anyone working in a restricted environment as I am.